Make $$ as an Affiliate


Why should I become an affiliate?
Glad you asked.

First of all, your friends or students will LOVE you for it.

You will make a generous commission on each sale.

Because  Wired to Win© is such a high value it is an obvious purchase for many people.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

When/How do I get paid?

Electronically. We send payment via PayPal 45 days from the day of the sale.

How do i Make money?

2 ways.

  1.  A direct sale to your friends/students
  2. When you refer another affiliate–they make commissions off their direct sales AND you make a commission off that sale too (because you referred the new affiliate)! How cool is that?

What is the commission?

Once you fill out the form (free) you will receive an email with links answering this and other questions.

How do I apply?

Fill in the easy form below and your account is automatically set up. Access info is sent to your inbox. You log into your account and track all your activity and get your personal link (the link you send to your friends/students) that tells the system YOU SENT THEM–so you get paid!

You’re here because you are a golfer or a Golf Teacher who desires:

  • To help your friends enjoy the golf and life benefits of Wired to Win©

  1. Golf Teacher:


Build unbreakable LOYALTY with your students


Elevate student success on and off the golf course


Attract more students/followers

AND who doesn’t mind increasing their revenue streams too!


Get a feel for me, the program, approach and some INSIGHTS from the full program.



Everybody hopes with just one more key, they’ll be playing like pros. Almost nothing in the golf world really works for more than a few days. Wired to Win is the only thing that made a lasting improvement I can count on. Reduced my scores from an average of 81 to an average of 70!!! Years of practicing but nothing was there to tie it together until Wired to Win and most importantly; it sticks and there is simply nothing else in golf to compare it to. Thank you, David.”    Jim Fenney

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