Praise for The Wired to Win™ Approach…

David Breslow has helped me understand myself better and has communicated in a practical understanding format that has helped me knock down the mental barriers that were created by myself through poor play, poor decision making and bad management…Also, I really appreciate your help in getting my Senior Tour off to a great start.  I look forward to working with you. I know you are very unique and skilled… and I really look forward to more involvement… talk soon.”
Chip Beck
4 Time PGA Tour Winner /Champions Tour
3 time Ryder Cup Team Member

David Breslow’s book titled Wired To Win” is must reading for the serious golfer. His practical no nonsense approach will give a golf student a great insight into the mental side of golf. If a player is interested in overcoming those unseen mental obstacles that prohibit one from going to the next level, this book is clear and concise with explicit directions to meet any golfers objective.” 
Dr. Jim Suttie
Golf Magazine “Top 100 Teacher”
PGA Teaching Pro of The Year 2000

Hello David!
This stuff really works!!
Played in the cold, damp, rainy mist today. Shot 84…Both bad holes – I was clearly, obviously out of routine. It was so apparent. That’s the first thing! NO trying. Not once.
NO internal score keeping. I had no idea what I shot when we were done. 
I had MANY long, smooth, rhythmic swings, many if not most.
It was such an enjoyable experience.   Thank you David.”
Michael (3 time National Blind Golf Champion)

“Most people do not realize it, but the game of golf truly is 100% mental.  The pressures of competitive play can make the mind jump to negative thoughts that produce less than desirable effects on a player’s game.  With the help of David and his revolutionary techniques, I have been able to improve my game and learn how to control these thoughts.  By putting the skills into complete use, I saw immediate results in my attitude not only on the course, but off.  My scores dropped and my outlook on the game changed completely.  Because of David’s help, I see much success in my future for tournament play.”

Samantha Sloan/ Illinois Junior Golfer of the Year 2006

“Thank you for Wired to Win!

Who doesn’t want to improve their golf game. I have been working diligently to lower my handicap after a 20-year hiatus. Over the past year I have invested in new clubs and numerous lessons like most golfers and unfortunately, my handicap is still in the stratosphere despite all the work and expense. After much hesitation I decided to invest in the Wired to Win program developed by David Breslow. For the cost of a little more than a round of golf I have learned many things that helped to improve my performance both on and off the course. The Laws he teaches changed everything. Trust me, the program has no psychobabble or the usual ineffective things we hear all the time.

Since starting the program, I am better focused and a more consistent golfer. I have less frustration and disappointment and enjoy the game a lot more. Don’t procrastinate like I did. Wired to Win is well worth the small investment.”

Jim McDougall
Sidney, British Columbia

“My son has been a competitive golfer for 5 years. It seemed whenever he played in a tournament his putts ‘lipped out”, his shots stopped going straight and he didn’t find the green in regulation. I used to preach the usual positive quotes found in most books but nothing seemed to work. Now I know why.We were introduced to David Breslow a year ago and discovered his unique program has transformed my son’s golf game as well as other areas in his life. In as little as 10 sessions (most of them on the phone) David taught my son what he calls the “7 Laws of Human Performance” and it truly changed the way he perceives himself and his game. In fact, he just won his 2nd golf tournament in the last week!

I recommend Dave’s program to anybody who is interested in improving their overall performance in sports and in life.”

Bob Aren

Dear David,
“Everybody has hopes that with just one more key, they’ll be playing like pros. On top of that almost nothing in the golf world really works for more than a few days. I don’t know if you realize this but your material is the only thing that has made a lasting improvement that I can “count” on. More importantly look at the nature of the improvement this process reduced my scores  from an average of 81 to an average of 70!!! Years of practicing hitting drives, putting, etc. but nothing was there to tie it together until Wired to Win and most importantly; it sticks, it continues to work and there is simply nothing else in golf to compare it to. Thank you, David.”

Jim Fenney


David, I have an amazing story for you…your 45 minute speech at the WWGA, just a few key points, stayed with me through my WIN at the 7th Annual Chicago International over the weekend! I am looking forward to receiving a SIGNED copy of your book very soon. Please let me know how we can arrange that!”

Dan McGuire III / Executive DirectorIllinois Junior Golf Association

“When it comes to teaching folks how to enjoy peak performance … how to get into ‘the zone’ … there’s no one like David. His critical information (and his command of the many subjects covered) has helped lots of people with many different performance issues – and change their lives and careers for the better. Recently, David and I did a program for actors and I’ve had nothing but raves from the scores of ‘students’ who attended. And rightfully so … David tells it like it is and presents his methods in a way that makes implementing change, something you WANT to do. If you’re ready to make your life and work live up to the dream – David’s methodology is outstanding – and he presents it brilliantly.”

Bob Fraser–Actor, Writer, Producer and Director


I have personally worked with David on several projects, I find him to be inventive and an out-of-the-box thinker who gets his point across from many directions. Wired to Win helped me progress as an instructor and be a better golfer, a better thinker, (on and off the golf course) and a better teacher. Thank you David”

Greg Salazar  Golf Professional   PGA/USGTF/CGTF Certified

I realized during the first session that Wired to Win will not only help my golf but will improve everything else in my life. I had always this strong feeling that the mental side controls a lot more in our lives than we think, but I had no idea how it really worked. David’s insights made it crystal clear for me – it controls everything in a very simple and reliable way. A program that needs to be introduced to all people around the world. A true life changer!   Thank you for everything!       Reiner Mack–Germany


I just finished your Wired to Win. I must say it was a GREAT investment to my game. Before I started I absolutely SUCKED at golf, literally, there is no need to lie to you. I would spray balls left and right, I would lose ball after ball after ball, I didn’t take score because it would have been well beyond 100, and I was so upset with my game I was about ready to quit all together.  Well since I started, my game has improved so much I can’t describe it. I now go to the golf course or range with loads of confidence! I have played two rounds of golf since I started and I shot an 81 the first round and 77 on the second round. You have literally changed the way I play golf and most of all, you have changed the way I live everyday life.


Thanks for everything,




“Thanks for the note.  Played a tournament today.  Won the flight and shot 80.  Lowest tournament round ever!  Thanks for all your help.  I still re-read my notes on a regular basis and they have brought more insight and help in all phase of my life, not just golf. Talk soon.”
Jim P. Salesman and Competitive Golfer



“I signed up for your services at first with the idea to drop my handicap from 10 to 5. I thought I needed mental toughness. What I got was not what I expected. I got 10 times more. You have changed my life for the better. My awareness of who I am and who I can be has grown by leaps and bounds. My life is already better, my marriage has improved and yes my golf game is a lot more enjoyable and I’m already being invited to join other golfing groups as a result. What a joy to now be a positive influence on those around me. These exciting changes have all happened within just four sessions! I can’t wait for the next meeting. What will I learn next? Thanks David, I wish that everyone could experience what I am experiencing.”

Sam Jones/Investment Adviser
Roseburg, Oregon



Good weekend in Hickory. I won my flight in the club championship by 4 strokes!  Actually would have won the next flight up. Shot 89 on Saturday, and 89 on Sunday. That doesn’t sound great, but they had the greens jacked up to a speed of 12, and the scores were running high.

Yesterday, three of us were about tied, going into 16. Our course has three really difficult finishing holes. I went bogey, bogey, bogey, and the others dropped out of site. Yesterday, I finished with par, bogey, bogey. It’s hard to get out of there without a couple of doubles or worse.

Didn’t lose a golf ball either day!

There’s no way this would’ve happened with what I’ve learned from you.


Jay Schwarz


“In my experience with David, I have become a better person on and off the golf course. He has helped me gain confidence in my everyday life as well as confidence in my golf game. I feel like I can do anything now because of that confidence. Most importantly, I am overall a happier person. Specifically for golf, my talks with David changed the way I am able to work through a situation. In competition, I am more relaxed and am able to forgive myself when I don’t play my best. I notice now after poor holes that I don’t feel like things are out of control or over for me, and I am able to keep a smile on my face. That was one of the greatest things in my opinion, that I am able to go out there and have fun in high pressure situations. Like I said before, I feel like I can do anything now because of this new confidence I have thanks to David. The things that he taught me haven’t only changed me on the golf course, where I have noticed a lot of improvements, but they work off the golf course too.”

Brody Kuhar/Junior Golfer


Hi Dave,


I wanted to share with you what my last few weeks have been like. I have really seen progress throughout the entire summer on and off the golf course. In the past 2 weeks I have had an MAJGT event, tryouts for the high school season, and 2 invitational tournaments with the team. I shot a 77 and a 76 at tryouts to take the number 3 spot on Varsity. Then my first high school tournament with the team was on Monday and there were 16 teams competing in it and 96 kids in all. I took 3rd with a 75 and the conditions were extremely tough with rain coming down the entire round and the team ended up taking 3rd also, with a score of 314. Today (Friday) I had my second tournament of the high school season and shot a 74 and that was good enough to take 10th out of 150 kids and 25 teams. The team ended up taking 4th with a score of 304. The team and I are heading down to Peoria tomorrow to play a practice round for our invitational we have on Saturday. There is a lot of good competition at this tournament and it is a tough course but I’m ready for it.


Thanks for all your help,


Brody Kuhar


David has worked with my team a short amount of time this fall. I am excited about the improvements I see with my players both on and off the course. David gives a very simple approach to the mental side of the game, which everyone can understand. He makes the players more self-reliant and gives them ways to make the changes. David’s process is exciting and is a life skill for all. I encourage you to talk with David as he will make  a difference in your life.” 
Betty Kaufmann
Men’s Golf Coach / DePaul University


I am absolutely thrilled that I discovered David Breslow’s “Wired to Win” Audio program.  I always knew that the mental “part” of the game was one of my biggest challenges….  Realizing that the mental part of the game IS the game has finally helped me understand how much I keep “getting in my own way” with my habitual reactions.  The 7 laws are so simple and logical, YET profoundly powerful.  The information is easy to access, recall and put into practice – and you quickly see the results not only on the golf course, but in all aspects of life.  Thank you so much David for creating W2W!!!

Hollie West   Current Handicap: 20 … and going down!


I was introduced to David Breslow and the “Wired to Win” Audio, online program by Paul Wilson at his Golf School in Las Vegas.  What I learned from both Paul and David has allowed me to improve my approach to the whole game, focusing on both swing mechanics and thought processes.  As someone who has never found much value in books on the mental game, I can say that David’s approach is unique, interesting, and likely to make a permanent change in how you think about golf.  What is most amazing about “Wired to Win” is that you find David’s Laws popping up in all aspects of life, both on and off the course.

Jay Schwarz


“David Breslow’s approach produces results because it is clear, sensible and enlightening and nothing like I’ve heard or read before. David provides the clarity, insight and tools necessary to refine your mental game and take it to the next level! My better play, well executed shots and a sense of harmony in competition are all a function of an improved mindset which David walks us towards.I was a plus 2 handicap and knew I could still be better and just had to make the call. After 2 weeks working with David things started to change!  I began playing better and am considering the PGA qualifying school in 2007. If you’re serious about improving…make the call.”

Greg Sato / +2 handicap


“I truly enjoy reading your emails and reading what information that you have put out to the public thus far! Your insight and understanding of what is really going on in the mind while we individuals pursue this lifelong game of golf on all levels has been great. You make the process of processing these thoughts much easier to understand and how to go about making needed changes and how to apply that mental focus. I have started to not only incorporate your suggestions in my game of golf but, your words also bring a lot of inspiration in my personal life as well and would just like to thank you!”

Scott Allen Baker