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2 Kinds of Golfers


Over 25 years in the golf biz it is clear there are 2 kinds of golfers in the world.

  1. The “Learn About” Golfer

This golfer loves to “learn about” how to pay better golf. This golfer hungers for more and more information. They soak up free videos online. They read everything they can. They have their favorite “gurus” in the golf biz. They lust after anything the can get their hands on to learn ABOUT playing better golf. They know all the words and can talk a good game BUT their game muddles in mediocrity.


Because learning ABOUT better golf is NOT THE SAME AS PLAYING IT

Which leads to the second type of golfer

  1. The “Actually PLAYS better” golfer

This golfer is more interested in ACTUALLY PLAYING BETTER GOLF and is not interested in gathering more “going about it” stuff. This golfer seeks the right information. This golfer wants immediate application instead of hype sales talk. This golfer is not learning more ABOUT better golf—he/she is PLAYING it.

Which one are you?

Are you willing to be honest? (because the overwhelming majority are the “learning about” golfers)

How long have you been “searching” for ways to be better instead of ACTUALLY being better?

It’s a decision away.

Golfer #1 has never decided to play better golf—this may sound harsh but it’s not–they simply decided that learning ABOUT it was the way to do it. It’s not!

Golfer #2 DECIDED to play better golf today and gravitated to the best way to do that.

Imagine if all your favorite golfers—Jones, Hagen, Sorenstam, Zaharias, Nicklaus, Woods or whoever had the golfer #1 mindset. They would have been great at knowing about great golf but not have played great golf.

Playing your best golf doesn’t occur from hype or false promises. It’s a decision. A decision to PLAY instead of just learn about it. Subtle difference maybe? Not really. Massive difference. One spins circles around what’s comfortable—with little change–the other steps away and experiences the power that comes with playing your way up.

Which golfer are you?

If you’re Golfer #2 go here





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