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Wired to Win© is based on the wisdom of centuries old laws and truths combined with provable modern science of human performance. Why? Because It offers you the clearest path to improvement with solutions that trigger IMPLEMENTABLE CHANGE.  Here’s why….


Adds more things to think about (which most golfers don’t need!), tips, strategies & theories. It relies on participant buy-in and a lot of processing time before you see results which can be sporadic and take longer to experience.


Wired to Win is based on the simple truth: “Nothing Changes Until YOU Do.” So there’s a shift in YOU first using undeniable/provable performance Laws. You get “In the moment” experience causing immediate buy-in. Performance benefits include; increased confidence, clarity, resilience, focus, stress reduction and flying through adversity.


It boils down to this; Traditional models are based on teaching you Coping skills and loading you down with  information while the Advanced model is Empowerment/Creation based–meaning we put the power back in your hands–all of it.


The learning curve is a real challenge when using the traditional approach because you have a long-held set of beliefs, experiences, attitudes and perspectives you rely on as “proof” for your current situation. When you try to change—the “new stuff” is thrown into this well-rehearsed “old stuff”. This is why change is difficult, often rejected and/or takes a long time to realize.


Many golfers believe tips, theories, coping mechanisms and strategies will be the catalyst for that change but discover this is not true. In effect, you are the same person with a “new set of toys” eventually struggling against your own “old stuff” causing a repetition of old habits over and over.

Now, show a golfer there are undeniable/provable Laws that, once learned, quickly move them from the “old stuff” to experience new possibilities and behaviors in a surprising way. They think, feel and do things better ON THE COURSE and are shocked at how easily they arrived there.

These Laws are always “in play.” I didn’t invent them nor are they a concept or theory. Believe it or not–your belief in them is not required! This is why they impact you so fast! The Laws produce results whether you believe in them or not! This greatly speeds up the learning curve. Nothing to resist, process or figure out. I put these Laws together in a workable sequence and have a simple, clear way to teach them—any golfer can learn.

This is why Wired to Win© complements any teaching style or tips/strategies you already use. It’s because whatever you do-you now do better because YOU are different. You fulfill the undeniable truth, “Nothing changes until you do”. and now you OWN it.

For 20 years now, I have been teaching these simple Laws and truths. From private/semi private/group coaching to speaking and products– I teach people a powerful, effortless way to live, work and play without struggle and stress. This is a TOTAL PERFORMANCE PACKAGE that easily impacts your game AND your life!

If you truly want to be your potential on the course and impact your life too- this is the approach you must learn.


Wired to Win is the gold standard! Advanced Training for Advanced Results! Found only here and there is nothing like it on the market, Simple yet profound insights move you from “old stuff” to better golf on every level and–it sticks!

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