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Coaches and Sports Psychologists want you to be  your best–what distinguishes Wired to Win is HOW EASILY you get there!

“David has the rare gift of being both a potent teacher and inspiring coach, Great teachers pass on uncommon life/game-changing wisdom. Coaches provide support and guidance to apply it. David is a combination of the two.”     Jess Clancy

David is the creator of the “I DO” model to better golf. I = Insight, D = Discovery and O = Ownership, This remarkably effective model is based on the simple provable wisdom of centuries old Laws and Truths and modern science of human performance. Why? Because It offers you the simplest path.  Simple. Accessible. Repeatable. It is a model that proves itself over and over again. INSIGHTS target the undeniable truth with deadly accuracy you don’t get anywhere else. DISCOVERY allows you to experience it for yourself and OWNERSHIP puts the power so many golfers “give away” back in your hands–so you reap the benefit over and over, Nobody can take it away.This is the approach that makes the difference. 

Others talk about the importance of confidence, focus, resilience and the key performance traits but The Laws of Golf Performance David teaches get you those experiences in a way tips and theories CAN’T. They are only taught by him

THIS LEADING- EDGE GOLF PERFORMANCE PROGRAM gives you every advantage. It combines your lessons and study of the game  WITH Wired to Win© recognized as the most effective “put it all together” (mind, mechanics, emotion, energy) approach on the market

Everybody hopes with just one more key, they’ll be playing like pros. Almost nothing in the golf world really works for more than a few days. Wired to Win is the only thing that made a lasting improvement…it Reduced my scores from an average of 81 to an average of 70!!! Years of practicing but nothing was there to tie it together until Wired to Win and most importantly; it sticks and there is simply nothing else in golf to compare it to. Thank you, David.”    Jim Fenney

Results You can Count on…

  • Speeds up your learning curve

  • Shift behavior that normally takes weeks or months occurs in days

  • Reduce extended periods of poor play

  • Self-Reliant golfers who now Self-Correct


The marketing of golf has caused–hype and false promise (and premise). VALUE is and always will be key. I know so many golfers who forked over thousands to for a “shiny toy name” only to call me in the end anyway. I tried to tell them but the shiny toy catches the eye–no matter what our age::) . Value is key. Shiny toys are expensive and those who go there should not be surprised when they are frustrated.


ALIGNMENT of mind, body, emotions and energy is what you’ve been searching for your entire golf “career”! All the books, videos, lessons and workshops you take are really to gain ALIGNMENT—mind, mechanics, emotion and energy!


To express their talents fully and freely while overcoming obstacles with ease


Distilling the mountain of information you collect, into consistent real-time application  


  • No reliable method to access alignment–the path to your best play

THE SOLUTIONWired to Win-Total Golf© -the leading edge approach offers you:

  1. 1.  Proven Platform that shifts behavior in days instead of weeks or months.***”The Secret Sauce” you only get here
  2.  Self- Correct Feature–a reliable path to put your game on track in any situation and at any time no matter what!  YOU OWN IT
  3.  Simplicity–You are surprised how easily your game changes and how you got there

THE APPROACH--WHY alignment is more accessible 

  • NO VAGUE philosophies, strategies, tips, opinions, concepts or theories or psychology to remember and weigh you down
  • The Laws of Golf Performance Automatically align your mind, body, emotions and energy
  • SELF-CORRECT FEATURE--The Power is back in your control


Everything you do–you do better!

  • You Self-Correct–
  • No more extended periods of poor play
  • Execute more consistently
  • Shifts in behavior that normally take weeks or months occur in days
  • Confidence is yours from day 1
  • Clarity
  • Swing free
  • Target approach shots under pressure
  • Shots/situations that once caused you stress now trigger excitement
  • New Pre-Shot Routine optimizes alignment